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              LongBian (Shanghai) Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

              Founded in January 2011, Long Bian (Shanghai) Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in China''s metropolis

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              1.Direct supply channels

              Direct supply channels

              2.Reliable partner

              Reliable partner

              3.product quality assurance

              product quality assurance

              4.Fair product prices

              Fair product prices

              5.Professional technical support

              Professional technical support

              6.On the purchase quick and easy

              On the purchase quick and easy

              7.Multiple product distribution

              Multiple product distribution

              production line

              Professional development of transformer equipment

              (Shanghai) Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to meet user requirements, continue to increase investment in research and development, strengthen product safety and quality management, strict compliance with PCCC power quality standards to ensure that products pass rate of 100%, with leading expertise and Impeccable Professional services, safety Long change (Shanghai) Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. electrical products highly respected users, best-selling China in various regions, sales ranked the forefront of the power industry. People-oriented, in good faith to win the world, quality first

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              About Kang Quan


                   Shanghai long variable electrical manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the Shanghai metropolitan __ Chinese. Is a professional production and sales of integrated enterprise, technical services, product development and maintenance as one of /The company has strong technical force, advanced production equipment, superb technology, complete testing equipment, efficient management philosophy, reliable product quality. The company production of regulator, transformer, reactor, pressure regulator, UPS continuous power supply, three-phase autotransformer starter, high and low voltage complete set, lighting distribution box shell, p.【View Details
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              • Chinese railway construction Chinese railway construction

                Long change (Shanghai) Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional production, sales, technical services, product development and maintenance as one of.

              • Midtown group Midtown group

                Change the Dragon (Shanghai) Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd is our partner, the companys products are complete, the main production of transformer, voltage reg.

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              • National Power Grid Corp National Power Grid Corp

                Long change electrical adhere to the "quality first", "credibility first" purpose, adhere to the good quality, the spirit of scientific and .

              • Guangxi construction worker Guangxi construction worker

                Very honored to cooperate with dragon change (Shanghai) Electrical Manufacturing Co., ltd.. With strong technical force, advanced production equipment, exquisit.

              Healthy living, from water purification
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              Autotransformer starter called compensator, is a reduced voltage start.【Detalles

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              Ask Pressure regulator classification?
              AnsVoltage regulator is divided into: autotransformer, isolation voltage regulator, oil immersed type induction voltage regulator, column type electric pressure regulator thyristor voltage regu.
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